What is GreenFill?


Finally, it is easy being green! 


With our new eco-friendly laundry dispensing system, that is. GreenFill helps your laundry operation save time, money and the planet. 

How does it work? 

For the first time, retail laundry customers can now use their smartphone to buy and dispense a perfect dose of eco-detergent, plus a choice of fragrance, and dispense it straight into the washer. 

Think of it like an app for one of those choose-your-favorite soft drink machines - for your clothes. At the push of a button, GreenFill hydrates our patented Solid Splash detergent on demand and dispenses a precise dose right into the washing machine. 

And that's not all - GreenFill also gives customers their choice of favorite fragrance, for each and every load. Like this...

Who uses GreenFill? Our direct detergent dispensing system is perfect for university campuses and any multi-family laundry facility like apartments, military bases, laundromats, and more. It integrates with a variety of payment systems, including standalone card readers, enterprise solutions like Blackboard, and even freeplay. We tailor the system to suit your specific customers and facilities.


Want a closer look?  Learn how our solid soap technology can help your operation...