Save the Planet

At GreenFill, our goal is to make life easier and greener in your laundry room. Here are a few ways our revolutionary Solid Splash dispensing system helps you achieve your sustainability goals:

Truly Green Formula

Our EcoSplash solid one-shot detergent is made with 100% bio-degradable formulation, with ingredients that won't bioaccumulate or promote eutrophication in waterways. In fact this certified green detergent contains no phosphates, caustics, nonylphenol ethoxylates, toxic polymers, solvents, dyes or perfumes.  

Healthier Waterways

Industry estimates say about fifty percent of Americans use fifty percent more detergent than they need - in part because liquid bottles are intentionally difficult to dose correctly. This averages to 25% oversoaping per user, and creates strain on the water treatment plants and sewage systems, and as well as excess water usage. To compensate for this rampant oversoaping, many laundry facilities use a 4-gallon pre-wash cycle in order to clear out the extra soap used by the previous user. 

By eliminating this pre-wash in a typical four-cycle wash load, GreenFill can reduce water consumption, every single load. This also stops the average American's 25% of excess soap from being poured straight into our waterways.


100% Concentrated Solids = Smaller Footprint

A single 5-pound jar of GreenFill detergent washes a whopping 250 loads of laundry. That means a single truckload of GreenFill can take more than 4 trucks of liquid soap bottles off the roads. This reduces shipping and handling costs, as well as fossil fuel usage, greenhouse gas emissions, plastic packaging, and more. 

No More Liquid Bottles

Finally, there's the ubiquitous bottle of liquid detergent. Did you know the EPA estimates about 65% of Americans don't recycle? That means after wasting all that soap and pouring it down the drain and into our waterways, most of these bottles are tossed in a landfill... forever. 

GreenFill eliminates the need for all of those bottles. And our own splash jars are 100% recyclable. Because GreenFill dispenses detergents and fragrances straight into the washing machine, there are overcrowded landfills rejoicing even as we speak.


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