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At GreenFill, we're focused on helping your operation save time, money and the planet. And our patented dispensing technology has been doing just that - for many years - successfully serving the commercial market across the United States.

Now, we are working hard to bring this offering to the university campus. Would you like your school to be among the first to experience it? Host a GreenFill pilot! 

Ideal locations. We are currently seeking three locations to host a pilot at a college or university campus in the U.S. We are equally interested in schools that use enterprise payment systems like Blackboard, standalone card readers, and those using the "freeplay" model.

We are also considering multi-family laundries at apartment communities, military bases, and retail laundromats.


Participation benefits. If your facility is selected as a pilot location, we offer:


Host a GreenFill pilot - and help your customers be among the first to experience this exciting new green technology! 

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