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Oversoaping: the demon in the bottle


"If a little soap is good, a lot must be better, right?" Wrong. Too much detergent causes washing machines to overflow and break down. That means downtime. And service calls. And costly clean up. Which translate to unhappy customers. Is this your world?

Many users fill the entire soap tray to the top, even for tiny loads. Some shove in single-dose pods, sometimes five at a time. Or even pour in dish detergent (true story!) The soap never stops.

What's more, many locations add an extra "pre-wash" cycle - which can use an extra 4 gallons of water - in order to clear out the extra soap used by the previous user. That means for a typical four-cycle wash, oversoaping needlessly wastes water, every single load.

"But High Efficiency washers can help, right?" Wrong again. It's true HE washers are designed to use less water and less soap - but that means they are even more susceptible to damage from oversoaping. Sadly, this has led some locations to actually remove HE machines. The bottle wins again.

Oversoaping is an epidemic - but we have the cure...

Ban the bottle. Switch to Solid Splash!

There haven't been any killer strategies for winning the battle of the bottle - until now. It's called Solid Splash technology. 


Say goodbye to oversoaping - for good

How does Solid Splash work? The GreenFill dispensing system features a revolutionary one-shot detergent made with a patented 100% bio-degradable formulation. But unlike other solids, our proprietary formula isn't a powder. Instead, think of it like a solid bar of soap. We call it "the soap bar in a jar."

And with the push of a button, a splash of water hydrates just the right amount - and sends this newly liquefied detergent straight into the washer tub along with the existing fill water. This precise dosing makes oversoaping a thing of the past!


No bottles to buy.

No figuring out how much soap to pour.

No accidental spills. 

Just a perfectly measured dose to get clothes clean, every time. 

How does this help you?


And here's more good news...


With no phosphates, caustics, nonylphenol ethoxylates, toxic polymers, solvents, dyes or perfumes, our certified green eco-solid detergent is already used in hotels and nursing homes across the country, so it is proven to be safe and effective in these commercial applications.

But it's more than green - it also packs a powerful cleaning punch, by using highly active enzymes and oxygen bleach to break apart soils and other tough stains which can be easily washed away.

So by combining green and clean, Solid Splash technology offers many benefits:

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